Hi I would like to say thank you for visiting my webpage It is devoted to Beauty Treatments and Training which is my passion

I think it’s important for you to be confident in your choice so I’d like to give you a little background info on your tutor, me that is so here goes;

I started my journey into the beauty industry at 21 already a mature student even then!  That was 30 years ago wow it’s hard to believe it but during that time I have worked in the industry in so many different roles each one presenting its own challenges

Starting as a junior therapist working my way to senior therapist then trainer and finally to teacher, and it is this role that is my passion, helping people acquire new skills and achieve their potential whatever their personal circumstances may be

I began work as a tutor in Further Education in 2002 since then I have worked with a wide variety of learners from school leavers to senior citizens delivering formal and informal courses. During this time I have added to my own knowledge and skills by engaging in training to make sure I keep up to date and on trend in this fast paced industry.

I have kept the prices for my courses reasonable as I don’t believe that money should be a barrier to learning, the course fees are for the reading materials and practical training, you are able to purchase starter kits but it is not compulsory guidance will be provided on suitable products

In a nutshell I want you to know that you can have confidence in your choice of course and that by the end of your study you will feel self-assured and qualified to provide beauty treatments and you will have had a little fun on the way which is always a plus